Re: Hard Drive Problems

For the most part (there are a couple of folders I could check one more time just in case) the contents of my full-to-bursting external drive have all been copied to their new (larger) home. My old external drive has been disconnected. Because iTunes sources a lot of my music from the old external drive, … Continue reading Re: Hard Drive Problems


Hard Drive Problems

August has been an utter hell. Between major life changes (my dad died on the 7th), making sure my apartment was 'clean' so that workers could replace all of the windows (during which time I wasn't allowed in my own unit), and the sudden failure of the hard drive (turns out it was just the … Continue reading Hard Drive Problems

Re: Pondering an Upgrade

My first backup—to my pleasant surprise—wrapped up in under the estimated 5 hours (3 and a bit—long enough to listen to the entire Portal 2 soundtrack, and some of Portal's)! It turned out to be an enjoyable evening of writing and daydreams of Aperture Science. I expected this process to take something closer to … Continue reading Re: Pondering an Upgrade