Fast & Fancy Layered Dip

I've been experimenting and this is definitely a favourite! Ingredients: Salsa Salsa nacho cheese dip (optional) Sour cream Grated cheese Srirachia Directions: Put at least a tablespoon-sized glob of salsa into a small bowl. If you're adding salsa nacho cheese, warm up a couple of tablespoon-sized globs in your microwave and drop that on top … Continue reading Fast & Fancy Layered Dip


Shirley Temples @ Home

I'll make a video on this later, but this is how I like to make Shirley temples. They're a sweet treat for when you want to feel fancy, but aren't in the mood for alcohol. Ingredients: Orange juice Grenadine Ginger ale, Sprite, or Seven-Up Maraschino cherries (Optional) Orange or lemon slice Directions: Start by filling … Continue reading Shirley Temples @ Home