Fidget Cube

The second half of my last Amazon order came in today—my fidget cube! It came with a little plastic carrying case with a removable insert. Minimal packaging, but practical because it can be re-used.

Originally, I thought I ordered pink and white, but red and white doesn’t look too bad. One thing I noticed on mine that seems different from pictures is the toggle switch. It’s a classic power switch like you’d find on an appliance or power bar. I kind of like as a gag but others might not.

It’s also a bit louder in the clicking department than I envisioned, but I want to see how it is after I’ve been using it for a while. I imagine it will feel less stiff after it’s been broken in more in general.

That’s it for today!


Re: Fidget spinner

This came in the mail today!

It’s more of a satin finish than matte, but the colour and quality seems to be what I expected. It’s got some weight to it as well. Also, is anyone else reminded of the Sony Walkman logo?

It spins longer than I thought it would (approaching the 2 minute range) but not 5-6 minutes like some of the listings on Amazon claim to, but I imagine that depends on how fast you spin it and how whether it gets jostled) I think anything over a minute I still pretty impressive.

I uploaded a video on YouTube (Niki @ Home) but as I’m writing this I’m still waiting for it to show up there. I’ll wait a bit longer and see if I can’t repost it or something.

Until next time,


Fidget Toys

So it finally happened, a healthcare professional recommended that I look into a fidget spinner. I ordered one (as well as a cube) on Amazon today. They’re supposed to be on sale at a factory outlet closer to where I live but if I go that route I’d be lucky if they weren’t sold out by the time I got there. Plus you’re limited to whatever colours are in stock—like if they only have green or camouflage.

It took more than an hour to find something that seemed to have good reviews, an acceptable price, came in the colour/style I wanted AND shipped to Canada. One item is due towards the end of May, while the other won’t arrive until sometime in June.

I also found the worst product review I’ve ever seen in an online store—”this product gave me hepatitis.” Either the person was A: being needlessly harsh, B: trolling, or C: actually did get hepatitis, in which case that’s terrifying! Needless to say, I didn’t get that particular spinner, though it’s still available. The one I got is pink with a matte finish, and the cube was white with pink buttons and knobs.

It will be interesting to see if these really do help with anxiety and restless hands, or if they’re just another fad and will fade into the background in a few months. I imagine the people who find them helpful will continue to use them regardless of popularity.

Until next time,