Poem #21

I think I'll just do poem a day sporadically for now, whenever an idea strikes. It's not that it's my fault, maybe the timing was just bad. People sing upbeat songs, until one day there's happiness to be had. Years of hopes, wishes, and expectations. Decades of dreaming of transformations. I'm safe where I am, … Continue reading Poem #21


Fast & Fancy Layered Dip

I've been experimenting and this is definitely a favourite! Ingredients: Salsa Salsa nacho cheese dip (optional) Sour cream Grated cheese Srirachia Directions: Put at least a tablespoon-sized glob of salsa into a small bowl. If you're adding salsa nacho cheese, warm up a couple of tablespoon-sized globs in your microwave and drop that on top … Continue reading Fast & Fancy Layered Dip