Poem #19

Unrelated, having some weird issues with my mouse and trackpad every so often as of late. Right clicking is still possible but not left clicking, or in a more recent development, right clicking seems to act like a left click. Honestly it could be a feature and I just never noticed.

One step forward,

Two steps back.

Three steps sideways.

Four round the track.

My mind is everywhere,

can’t even stop for a snack.


Poem #18

Unrelated, but I reconnected with someone from my past recently. It’s strange to be catching up after more than a decade of living our own separate lives.

Promise me tomorrow,

is all I can ask.

Keep me in your memory,

and I’ll be up to the task.

As long as I stand here,

rose wrapped up in thorns,

I’ll be on the journey,

for which I was born. 


Poem #17

I really don’t have a consistent schedule for these. I’m trying to put them about 24 hours apart but there are gaps, and there will be gaps until I get it figured out. This isn’t a formal challenge or anything, it’s something I’m doing for me. I’ve also been asked to do some illustrations for a literary project, it’ll be interesting!

Rock me gently, o’ waves,

Sweet slumber—dreams that last for days!

Your gentle warmth caresses in the night,

Til’ the dawn is breaking and the sun shines bright.


Blue Sky

Today I want to share a fanfiction that’s both special to me and to the portal community. If you enjoy reading fanfiction and/or you are a fan of portal, I highly recommend checking out Blue Sky by waffleguppies. The story has received glowing reviews on TVtropes and even has fanfiction writers paying their own literary tribute—fanfiction of a fanfiction!

Blue Sky picks up where Portal 2 left off and explores the original portal cast and their motivations in depth. If you’re looking for a compelling story with solid character development (that isn’t over in a half an hour—if you can manage to put it down you’ll probably end up going back for more), look no further! Waffles delivers an emotional experience where even the smallest references (like a banana sticker or a bagel) set fans reminiscing.

EDIT: accidentally hit ‘post’ prematurely and have gone back to fix mistakes. I’d intended to schedule this for tomorrow instead but I suppose I’ll just leave it up.

I’m sorry. I could carry on about this story but you really do have to read it to believe it.

Until next time,


Poem #16

Doubling up on poems today, but poem-a-day is really helping me! I’m writing a narrative (albeit, out of sequence) right now and things are going smoothly. I hope to be able to have something more to show than just poetry soon.

From one side to another,

I suddenly turn.

Consumed from within,

Emotions shall burn.

A cry from the world

brings me back from my bliss.

An ongoing nightmare,

can we wake up from this?