Toronto cafe

Went to meet a client downtown today and bought myself this delicious pecan tart! At the time I didn’t realize it was drizzled in chocolate! The shell was full of sugary goodness and crumbled in my mouth, but not enough to be messy. It was very sweet, but not sickeningly so. The flavour was great, how pastries should taste!

I also tried this black tea lemonade drink. It’s stronger than the lemon iced tea I’m used to. I would absolutely buy this again!

Tea, Pens, and Showers

I found out today that there is such a thing as a tea advent calendar.

Replacing chocolate in advent calendars is nothing new (because parents today are more health-conscious than my parents ever were), but using teabags is something new for me. It’s basically Russian roulette because you have no idea what flavour you’re getting and there’s a chance you won’t enjoy the one you pull out that day. 

I was watching the new YouTube channel I just subscribed to called “Pens and Tea”. That’s how I found out about the advent calendar. I’m a little surprised at myself to have watched the whole thing (nearly 30 minutes worth of the host answering questions from commenters) but I had it on while sketching and it was good background noise. 

The host also recommended a specialty pen store in Toronto called “Wonderpens” during a previous video that carries beautiful glass pens! Until I watched that video I’d never heard of a glass pen but since Wonderpens has one available (or they did when I looked on their site) that looks like cobalt-blue (I collect jars, vases, bowls, and bottles because I’m mystified by the colour) I’d love to venture downtown and buy one! There’s also a 3D printing place about a block away and around the corner that interests me.

Lastly, I did something uncommon and took a shower. I know what you’re thinking, “gross”, but I normally prefer baths. Soaking is relaxing and gives me time to think. Then again, I felt cleaner when I showered and used a different conditioner (which kind of smells nice) so that put me in a really good mood and boosted my confidence a little. If I like my own smell, maybe someone else would as well? Ah! Can’t believe I made that rhyme! Oh well, I guess I’ll just leave it in – like that lovely smelling conditioner.

Until next time!