Re: Pondering an Upgrade

My first backup—to my pleasant surprise—wrapped up in under the estimated 5 hours (3 and a bit—long enough to listen to the entire Portal 2 soundtrack, and some of Portal's)! Itturned out to be an enjoyable evening of writing and daydreams of Aperture Science. I expected this process to take something closer to an … Continue reading Re: Pondering an Upgrade


Pondering an Upgrade

While my first Time Machine backup runs, I'm once again weighing the pros and cons of an upgrade from OSX Lion to something newer. I don't anticipate coming to a decision tonight—more likely within coming weeks. If I stay on this version: That is, if I choose NOT to upgrade anything, or choose to postpone … Continue reading Pondering an Upgrade

Dropbox “Dropped” My Computer

This morning, when I turned on my laptop, Dropbox prompted me to log in. When I did, though, I got a message telling me that my computer is not supported. Given that it's still running Lion, I suppose that was to be expected eventually, but until now I'd been depending heavily on Dropbox syncing Scrivener … Continue reading Dropbox “Dropped” My Computer