Steam Hack…

Well, this year is certainly off to a start… I ditched my Instagram account not too long ago, though seeing my Steam account compromised really freaked me out because I paid for the games on my account, and received some as gifts. The only warning I got was not being able to log in, which … Continue reading Steam Hack…


iPad Sketch

This is my third ever purely-for-fun sketch on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. I'd heard good things about the pencil, in particular, from other digital artists on Twitter (and friends offline), and so far I haven't been disappointed. It's not exactly like pencil and paper, per se, but at the time of this writing, … Continue reading iPad Sketch

More Krita Doodles & an Update

I liked the result of my last attempt, so I decided to try out a couple of ink attempts. I say 'attempts' because I didn't properly finish either. All I wanted to do was get a feel for the tools. Both are the same character, sketched within Krita on an animation template even though I … Continue reading More Krita Doodles & an Update

Monday Rants: iDevice Issues

Every so often I'll be on a walk, working my way through a playlist, when suddenly, silence. I'll check my screen and find this… I'm convinced it's due to an issue in the syncing process because from one sync to the next, affected tracks may be greyed out and unplayable, or they might work just … Continue reading Monday Rants: iDevice Issues

Re: Pondering an Upgrade

My first backup—to my pleasant surprise—wrapped up in under the estimated 5 hours (3 and a bit—long enough to listen to the entire Portal 2 soundtrack, and some of Portal's)! It turned out to be an enjoyable evening of writing and daydreams of Aperture Science. I expected this process to take something closer to … Continue reading Re: Pondering an Upgrade