“Saturday” Rants: Re: Creative Regmen

EDIT: Hit submit prematurely while trying to scroll, please excuse my blunder. I'm going to rant about one of my own posts today, being a few months older and wiser—I hope. I'm also going to try harder to keep my rants to Monday's. First, while it's not what I came to do, I'm looking back … Continue reading “Saturday” Rants: Re: Creative Regmen


Re: Thanksgiving

In Canada, we celebrate thanksgiving almost two months earlier than our neighbours down south. As I'm writing this, I'm not preparing any turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes or anything festive—not even gravy. Tonight we're having chicken cacciatore (but between now and then I'm heating up a late lunch). While the water in my pot comes to … Continue reading Re: Thanksgiving

“We’ve retired the ‘Like’ button!”

Okay, I haven’t used Pinterest in a while—but is anybody else confused by this decision? You’d be hard pressed to find a social media platform that doesn’t have at least one button that, when clicked upon, visibly increases an overall total by one. The concept of quickly and easily endorsing content is one that internet … Continue reading “We’ve retired the ‘Like’ button!”