My Roommate is a Cat

At first, My Roommate is a Cat didn't sound too exciting. I forget what prompted me to check out the first episode but that quickly turned into ten. Each is split between Subaru's and Haru's point of view. Subaru seems to suffer from social anxiety (relatable), which is made worse when people start barging into … Continue reading My Roommate is a Cat


More Krita Doodles & an Update

I liked the result of my last attempt, so I decided to try out a couple of ink attempts. I say 'attempts' because I didn't properly finish either. All I wanted to do was get a feel for the tools. Both are the same character, sketched within Krita on an animation template even though I … Continue reading More Krita Doodles & an Update

Re: Re: Anime Transformation Sequence

To continue from last time, here is Abby's costume design sketch. In contrast to her "meh" attitude towards life, she has a lot of fun with cosplay and pays attention to the little details in her costumes. When she hits the convention floor, she's a different person: she not only participates but gets into character. … Continue reading Re: Re: Anime Transformation Sequence

Re: Anime Transformation Sequence

Here is a messy sketch of Abby's civilian design. It's still subject to change, of course, but right now I'm pretty happy with the emotion (or lack of) in her face. It shows just the disinterest I was shooting for. Her hairstyle isn't too bland either, though it wouldn't be too difficult to maintain for … Continue reading Re: Anime Transformation Sequence