My Roommate is a Cat

At first, My Roommate is a Cat didn’t sound too exciting. I forget what prompted me to check out the first episode but that quickly turned into ten. Each is split between Subaru’s and Haru’s point of view.

Subaru seems to suffer from social anxiety (relatable), which is made worse when people start barging into his house (it’s probably only a matter of time before someone unwittingly catches him in a towel, or something like that), but also played for laughs.

Hell, when doesn’t anime incorporate social anxiety and/or social awkwardness into sight gags?

We regularly see Subaru caught between what obviously feels like a rock and a hard place, forced out of his comfort zone and thrust into some pretty awkward (if relatively harmless) situations, but we also see the rest of the cast looking out for him—including Haru, in her own way.

Oh, and before I forget, what would a cat-centric anime be without all those quirky things cats do? How will a writer on a deadline cope with Haru sleeping on his laptop? How will Haru react with all these strange people barging into Subaru’s house?

If you’re into slice-of-life anime, cats, or any combination of the two, I’d recommend giving this one a shot.


One thought on “My Roommate is a Cat

  1. This one has been cuter and more fun than expected and the most recent episode really did a great job of bringing Subaru’s character arc together. While not brilliant, this one has been quite the pleasant watch this season.

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