More Krita Doodles & an Update

I liked the result of my last attempt, so I decided to try out a couple of ink attempts. I say ‘attempts’ because I didn’t properly finish either. All I wanted to do was get a feel for the tools.

Both are the same character, sketched within Krita on an animation template even though I don’t intend to animate these particular things (I’m just excited that animation templates are available), but I’ve tried slightly different approaches with each.

On a side note, my 11 year old Mac laptop is finally showing its age. I can’t seem to get it to boot to desktop and the fans seem to want to scream for no reason. It’s been suggested that I yank the hard drive (after all the SMC/PRAM reset junk did nothing), put that in an enclosure and try to view it on another mac, which would be tedious as I don’t own ‘another’ mac. I’m incredibly lucky to own two machines, let alone two machines in need of TLC…



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