More Krita Doodles & an Update

I liked the result of my last attempt, so I decided to try out a couple of ink attempts. I say 'attempts' because I didn't properly finish either. All I wanted to do was get a feel for the tools. Both are the same character, sketched within Krita on an animation template even though I … Continue reading More Krita Doodles & an Update


Krita Doodle

Without a 'working' copy of Photoshop on my PC (aside from Elements 5, thanks to an old CD that came bundled with my Bamboo fun tablet—and Clip Studio Paint, whenever I get around to properly acquainting myself with that interface), I decided to test out some 'alternatives' for casual sketching. Here's a quick Krita re-sketch of … Continue reading Krita Doodle

My Instagram Account Got Hacked…

So, apparently, 2-factor security isn't as powerful as I thought. Earlier today, my Instagram account got hacked. The hacker changed my email to something else, changed my display pic to that of a bird, removed my phone number and turned 2-factor authentication off. As this was happening, I was getting emails at each individual change, … Continue reading My Instagram Account Got Hacked…