Freewriting: Moon

Another freewriting piece, for the sake of getting the idea out of my head. He is a planet. She is a moon. Their relationship is orbit—proximity. She circles him, or does he pull her close? Is she his moon? Is he her planet? Will she crash to his surface? Will he become someone else's moon?Until … Continue reading Freewriting: Moon


Subway Dream

Before anyone asks (and no one's going to ask) I'm referring to the train—not the sandwich. I used to ride public transit a lot more when I was in college, but as of late I haven't outside the occasional social outing. Almost everything I need is within walking distance. In the dream, I was on … Continue reading Subway Dream

Monday Rants: iDevice Issues

Every so often I'll be on a walk, working my way through a playlist, when suddenly, silence. I'll check my screen and find this… I'm convinced it's due to an issue in the syncing process because from one sync to the next, affected tracks may be greyed out and unplayable, or they might work just … Continue reading Monday Rants: iDevice Issues