Anime Transformation Sequence

I’ve been obsessed with anime transformation sequences since Sailor Moon’s original debut in Canada—which is, I realize, longer than my niece and nephews have been on this earth. Perhaps now is a good time to act upon the desire to create one of my own.

I have here a written plan/to-do list for a transformation sequence starring an original character, Abby. She’s someone I (literally) dreamed up, while still waiting patiently for Miraculous Ladybug to appear on TV in Canada. There are similarities between the two concepts which I now find laughable—having consumed an entire season and a half of Ladybug—but Abby, as I envisioned her back then and even now, isn’t much like Marinette other than her ability to sew.

Abby’s story contains elements of several of my favourite anime and manga titles, including Sailor Moon, Merupuri, Ultra Maniac, Sugar Sugar Rune, and of course, Miraculous Ladybug. I’d like to eventually make a short animated episode about her—but as of right now the goal is just to make Abby transform. More details as I can share.



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