Re: Pondering an Upgrade

My first backup—to my pleasant surprise—wrapped up in under the estimated 5 hours (3 and a bit—long enough to listen to the entire Portal 2 soundtrack, and some of Portal‘s)! It turned out to be an enjoyable evening of writing and daydreams of Aperture Science.

I expected this process to take something closer to an hour or two—because I only have a 500Gb internal hard drive on this laptop. After this, I can only imagine what a 1Tb drive backup would have taken!

I’m looking at purchasing a second expansion drive because while I’ve cleared off a lot of data, there’s still only about 10Gb of free space left to play with. I need maybe 6Gb to download El Capitan—which has to be done if I want Sierra or High Sierra anyway due to version compatibility requirements, or something like that….

At least one more backup will be run before I make an attempt, and I certainly hope that CS5 continues to serve me well after the upgrade! If anybody with Adobe CS5 has experience with upgrading from Lion to El Capitan, I’d love to hear from you! Were you successful? What works? What doesn’t work? Please reach out in the comments!



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