Re: Anime Transformation Sequence

Here is a messy sketch of Abby's civilian design. It's still subject to change, of course, but right now I'm pretty happy with the emotion (or lack of) in her face. It shows just the disinterest I was shooting for. Her hairstyle isn't too bland either, though it wouldn't be too difficult to maintain for … Continue reading Re: Anime Transformation Sequence


Anime Transformation Sequence

I've been obsessed with anime transformation sequences since Sailor Moon's original debut in Canada—which is, I realize, longer than my niece and nephews have been on this earth. Perhaps now is a good time to act upon the desire to create one of my own. I have here a written plan/to-do list for a transformation … Continue reading Anime Transformation Sequence

Re: Pondering an Upgrade

My first backup—to my pleasant surprise—wrapped up in under the estimated 5 hours (3 and a bit—long enough to listen to the entire Portal 2 soundtrack, and some of Portal's)! It turned out to be an enjoyable evening of writing and daydreams of Aperture Science. I expected this process to take something closer to … Continue reading Re: Pondering an Upgrade