Sinkhole Dream

Last night’s dream started with a small cottage beside a body of water, ocean or lake I’m not sure. I think I was staying with my aunt and uncle, because my uncle was showing me around and noted that the neighbour’s cottage had recently slid off the edge of a small cliff and was now sitting (if in-tact) in the water. Later, I was nervous because the cottage I was staying in kept shaking, or seemed to be, and I was afraid it might drop with me inside. My aunt and my uncle both seemed not to care, as if they weren’t experiencing the same at all.

Later, the dream switched scenes to a pathway flooded in shallow water and bordered by high rock walls. I was one of a handful of people trying to pass through a gate, which was guarded by a handful of people with weapons that had me thinking of Star Wars (dreams can be ridiculous sometimes). I remember trying to climb some of the rock walls to sneak around the gate without being seen, but I never succeeded before I woke up.



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