Store-Bought VS Amazon-Bought Fidget Cube

Since I’ve been doing some cleaning (if you use the word “clean” loosely), I found that first fidget cube I bought online. Here are the two of them for photo-comparison.

The first, most notable thing for me is that the fake one (white and red) is slightly bigger, and arranged differently than the one I got in-store (pure white). As I mentioned before, everything feels sort of stiff—except perhaps the spinner which turns without clicking, but does seem to stick every so often.

This feature reminds me vaguely of the 3DS circle pad (which was intended to allow for a joystick experience but the unit can still fold up), and honestly the fake one feels like it could take a little more punishment. I’m surprised!

This is the main reason I want to keep the fake one. It’s a power switch, even if it doesn’t do anything. Aesthetically I love it! The real switch is much easier to click, maybe even too easy—if you want that satisfying, solid, punchy, clicky click, the fake one delivers!

Buttons look almost the same, except the real one has different kinds of clicks. One is sort of springy (and quiet), two are kinda solid (and loud), and the middle one is sort of in-between—just right for me.

I hate the dials on the fake one—they’re so tight (like the plastic is a little too snug) they hardly spin at all! It’s like trying to open a stubborn plastic bottle cap! The ball bearing is just fine though, and I don’t really use those wheels anyway.

On the real one, the ball bearing is much bigger, and I can spin all three wheels easily. Again, though, I don’t. I much prefer clicking the ball bearing. It’s a cleverly disguised button! The fake ball doesn’t click though, bummer….

Last is the “breathe” side, but I much prefer a good old fashioned polished worry stone for that in either case. I’ve heard of them being rubbed so much that they broke in half, and polished surfaces feel MUCH better than plastic matte, or even satin. Oh! Before I forget—the real cube is smoother! Sandpapery surfaces bother me so much I can’t touch them. Smoother things are like…I don’t even know…I HAVE to touch them!!

As for that plastic carrying case that came with the fake…

It’s now a carrying case for Wheatley—whom I’ve already had to superglue back together. One of these days I’ll get a 3D printer, but first, a 3Doodler! I hope…

That’s it for today’s post, see you again soon!



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