Ghost Dream

I’ve had dreams about ghosts before, usually represented by dark masses that hover on the edge of being seen, but in each of those dreams I “know” without a doubt that they’re there.

Last night’s dream involved a stretch of hall that was designated as “haunted” by a pair of female ghosts who would chase anyone. If you entered the hall from one side, you had to be prepared to run and not look back, because they would both be on your heels.

The Dream then skipped to either a later time or a different hallway, but it was implied that the two original ghosts had somehow become stronger and brought other ones in. The original hallway had branched out to become multiple that those two ghosts had slowly overtaken, with the original “last stretch” being the most haunted. Passing through there was to risk injury or death at the hands of the original ghosts, where the others were just present.

At this stage, the hallway included paths that certain people “myself included” would need to take to get home, though there was an entry fee of half a million dollars for some reason. Somehow I ended up running the path and being chased by the ghosts, but I don’t remember what happened after. I think that’s when the dream shifted and I ended up on a large body of water (a small lake?) with the current drifting quickly in one direction. I was in a boat and found myself funnelled from the middle of the lake to a river with lots of small waterfalls, but I didn’t fall in as I went over them.



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