When Stargirl meditates, she erases herself. I have Stargirl, and Love, Stargirl to my collection, unless I've missed a third. I loved both books when I read them and I think I still love them now. I'd probably love a third tale in Stargirl's saga, or to hear that there's more of her story to … Continue reading Reset


Sinkhole Dream

Last night's dream started with a small cottage beside a body of water, ocean or lake I'm not sure. I think I was staying with my aunt and uncle, because my uncle was showing me around and noted that the neighbour's cottage had recently slid off the edge of a small cliff and was now … Continue reading Sinkhole Dream

Dropbox “Dropped” My Computer

This morning, when I turned on my laptop, Dropbox prompted me to log in. When I did, though, I got a message telling me that my computer is not supported. Given that it's still running Lion, I suppose that was to be expected eventually, but until now I'd been depending heavily on Dropbox syncing Scrivener … Continue reading Dropbox “Dropped” My Computer