Space Colony Dream

Space is more my Dad’s thing than mine, so that may be why I don’t often dream about it. When I do, it’s usually a single, small building that’s been set adrift while I’m inside. Such was the case last night, with the largest “ship” in recent memory.

Once, I had a dream about having to make a choice whether I boarded a spaceship or stayed home before time ran out. I boarded by accident, and realized too late I’d left some of the people I care about at home. There was a crushing sense that my decision could never be undone.

The “ship” that time was just a regular high school or college building with the outer glass doors “sealed”. More like everyone knew better than to open them or all the air would rush out.

Last night’s dream was different in that I was on the ship (I’d estimate it was the size of a small city) with an entire colony, including my immediate family. I walked into an “apartment” which was large, sparse, and surprisingly, two lots deep. The wall between two separate units had been knocked down to create one huge one, where I saw both of my parents doing whatever they’d be doing in waking life.

As I left that unit, I found sections of the ship that had been or were in the process of being jettisoned. One that stuck out was a “school” for children that hadn’t been finished, but was being used as a place for “women’s studies” at the time it was jettisoned—with everyone inside. People were talking about it like some ugly rumour. Oh and you’ll never guess whose fault it was. I can tune out a lot of things but he was there, in my damn dream, calling stupid shots and jettisoning parts of the ship he didn’t like. I walked right past him and glared. His wife looked at me like she was just noticing an unfamiliar person on a train. No malice, just “oh, a person”.

I’d say as a whole, this dream felt like something that could be a final fantasy spinoff plot, sort of like spirits within was. Maybe I’ll use it as a short story or something.



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