Re: Blind Box

“Skunked again!”

–Ralphie, a Christmas Story

In a disappointing turn of events, I went back to get more of those “World’s Smallest” blind boxes and found the Walmart shelf nearly picked clean. Even some of the boxes themselves looked to have been torn open and raided. I thought I’d got good ones but one was still missing its contents.

I set it aside along with my receipt, then couldn’t find the bag the next day. As I write this it’s still missing, so there’s $5 I’m out ($7–$8 capsules and bags, somewhat ironically, haven’t come up empty for me before).

I ended up looking on Amazon (even if I had found the box, I checked that same Walmart and they still hadn’t restocked those boxes, so if I’d wanted an exchange I probably would’ve just gotten $5 back and still been disappointed) and finding single-packaged versions (not blind!) of all the items I wanted from that set. Those should get here on the 2nd of January—including the magic 8 ball and Polaroid keychain!

I’ll make a post when I do, especially for the magic 8 ball! As I tweeted earlier this week, I could probably just make a digital one in MEL, Python or even JavaScript, but without the tangible user interface something is really lost.



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