Dream Journal & Writing Journal

Two things I like ogling on a shopping trip are pens and notebooks. Partially because I want to pick up where I left off with writing (in the case of pretty notebooks), and partly because my art style is influenced by manga (in the case of fine-liner pens).

I found this at Indigo lately, and have turned it into a dream journal. On nights where I don’t recall what I dreamed (or didn’t sleep, for whatever reason), I write about old dreams from years ago that stuck with me. Why do that when I’ve got a blog, though? Good question! I’m not entirely sure, but I only really share dreams that seem interesting here, and those I want to talk about openly.

With some, understandably, I don’t want to be so open. These dreams are more personal in nature, but if they’re important enough that I don’t want to forget them, I’ll record them in my physical journal.

As a rule, I’ve only been using my fountain pen in this book, and I love the way it feels as the metal nib scratches across paper. Thus far I haven’t seen any bleeding either, so that’s impressive.

This one was cheaper and found at Walmart. I’ve been using it (again, fountain pen only) as a writing journal. By writing journal I mean that I’ve adopted something I started on a scrivener document and started a daily thoughts/observations/tips for writing…thing. Each entry this far has only been a sentence to a paragraph or two in length, but contains various dated memos that I hope to revisit someday in periods where my creative well has seemingly run dry.

I’ll reiterate this (as much of a note as an affirmation), but the stupidest thing I’ve ever done was try to force creativity. It was always shit in the end. I realize sometimes you have to do it but from now on I won’t when it comes to the Projects where I’m the client. Please, writers, artists, creators, for the love of all that is holy, don’t forget to take care of yourself, because while you might not think it’s productive to rest when needed, think of it as maintaining your equipment—though you are not a machine (unless you’re a cyborg, in which case still take care of yourself but know you’re awesome). You are organic, and you have organic needs. This is the price we pay for existence. Don’t cause yourself pain or exhaustion—physically or mentally—needlessly. Know your worth.



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