Film Dream

Last week I made movie plans with my best friend, and last night I dreamed we both went to the movies together. I’m kind of laughing because that’s actually happening today, except we’re going to a different theatre than usual to see the Avengers.

In the dream, the theatre ended up morphing into a film studio, which I thought was strange even in the dream because waking past a door labeled “writing” in an actual movie theatre is the sort of stuff you’d expect from a cartoon.

I also walked past meeting rooms on my way out and saw a lot of people who were waiting for job interviews and portfolio reviews, and I remember thinking “I didn’t apply” and feeling sort of left out but carrying on since I had to get home soon anyway. My friend and I passed a few expensive snack machines (more like drink/ice cream makers that you could choose a flavour and a chocolate bar that would be crushed up and mixed into the drink, sort of like a McFlurry) that people kept leaving coins and their smartphones on. My friend cautioned me not to take any of the coins, though in the dream I remember thinking it would’ve been easy to do so because nobody would miss a couple of bucks. In the end I just kept walking by huge piles of coins.


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