Whiteboard Sticker Album

Stickers were a big thing when I was a kid—and even when my Mom was a kid!

We used to keep them in albums full of waxy paper and trade amongst friends and classmates. They were a pretty cheap and harmless investment so our parents (for the most part) didn’t mind letting us indulge ourselves.

Even today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a big box store, art/hobby or toy store that didn’t have stickers either on the end of a shelf or as part of a larger display. They’re just everywhere! The only thing I can’t seem to find anymore are albums to keep them in.

I know I could make-do with a sticky-backed photo album, but the major selling point of waxy paper is how easy it is to peel and stick things on it. If I brought my album to school, it always took me longer to decide what to trade than to make the actual swap. That took what, a second? Tops?

Today, in the midst of a hell-ish Christmas shopping experience, I happened upon a product that I wouldn’t normally buy, but thought to myself “this might not be a bad idea”. It was marked as a whiteboard notebook, which reminds me of those “zwipes” pens and paper from years ago, you still had to buy zwipes paper and pens for any of it to work (it was a giant money hole even if it was semi-useful). This book is just filled with thick, glossy paper that works with pretty much any dry-erase markers, it would seem.

It dawned on me that I could be using something like that for disposable things like to-do lists and budgets (possibly mind maps I don’t need to keep) which can use a lot of paper and be tricky to fix if I make a mistake—which means using more paper. I go through a lot of paper as it is.

Anyway, while I was doodling in this thing it occurred to me that it contains a very similar paper type to one of my old sticker albums. If I wanted to, I could stick things all over the cover/inside and use it as a combination whiteboard/sticker album. I’ll follow up on that later, when I’ve stocked up on stickers.



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