Re: John Lasseter

I wish I could roll my eyes and say I don’t care about John Lasseter’s name being appended to the ever-growing list of alleged harassers and predators in Hollywood, but unfortunately, he’s such a notable figure within the industry (the one I’m actively trying to get into) that it’s difficult to ignore.

Cue the handful of people in my life who see me as “too invested”, but you know what? Even if this guy isn’t my “hero” per se, I still held him to a certain standard and right now I’m pretty disappointed. Maybe that was my mistake, but when you’re an aspiring artist/animator (or an aspiring anything) you expect industry influencers—and especially industry leaders—to carry themselves with respect and professionalism, because that’s certainly what’s expected of you.

My sincere hope is that every case gets a fair trial. Period.

This is probably the harshest criticism I’ve ever put forth of anyone (so do try to take it with a grain of salt, I’ve held off on posting for a few days but it’s still sticking in my mind), not only as an almost stereotypically polite (but not mild, I do have moments) Canadian but as a person who normally does not seek confrontation, but compromise (to a fault).

I’ve always had dreams of producing a major animated project one day. This news feels like it has the potential to be a source of internal conflict, if only because how do you ever look at the pieces that inspired and shaped you through a newly tarnished lens?

I’m tired, and now I’m being dramatic, so it’s off to bed.



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