Reincarnation/Wedding Dream?

Last night’s dream was extremely weird in that it dealt with reincarnation, a theme I don’t experience very often.

There was more going on before but for the part I remember, I found myself entering some kind of hotel with a group of people and was given verbal instructions to go and have whatever meal I wanted as I went in. After that, I was supposed to talk to a man (referred to as “Mario”, who I saw then saw in a fancy green uniform—if only from the neck down—waiting by my table as I was eating) and after that I was just sort of aware of what was about to happen. People were expected to finish their chosen meal, then walk into an empty chamber and from there they’d end up back on earth, forgetting everything about their past lives and starting anew. It felt like a spin on the last meal before you die, and it was a apparently complementary service provided by the hotel. They’d make whatever you wanted! I think I ordered Swedish meatballs?

Anyway, I finished eating, but rather than go where I was supposed to I wandered off somewhere behind the scenes and snuck into someone’s office. He would have spoken out and told me I wasn’t supposed to be there if not for a couple of friendly coworkers who very nicely invited me in to wait. It was a really small office—almost like a cubicle but with sliding paper doors—and it was pretty obvious that I was the elephant in the room. These people just didn’t mind me being there for the most part.

I remember seeing that there was some sort of society going on in back of the hotel, with an academy where I wanted to go and learn things if I could. I made the decision then that I didn’t want to be reincarnated and miss this. I got the sense that these people were the ones who worked behind the scenes to make everything happen, processing people on their way—however brief a journey it was—through the afterlife.

After that, I wandered even further and went with new a man to a different chamber. At this point I was aware that this was happening in lieu of being reincarnated; I’d apparently chosen to stay with this man as a condition of being able to retain my own memories. There was a sense that I wasn’t sure about my choice, but my body sort of moved on its own, like it was the one that was sure. There was some kind of ceremony where we were both supposed to take one end of a noodle and slurp until we met in the middle. We started to, even though the man was clumsy and dropped his end. Some people applauded in the back anyway, and the “ceremony” was over. I gave my “husband” props for trying, and the way we interacted suggested a pair of people who already knew one another and were very close.

At some point I ended up in a white dress, but not the sort of wedding dress I’d actually expect to see at a wedding. There were a bunch of other people who I recognized as my “new” family, and an aunt and uncle—who I recognize as my actual aunt and uncle in waking life—came to wish us well and went on their way—presumably to keep being reincarnated. I got the sense that because of the choice I’d made, I was parting ways with my old family, though I may see them again when they next come around.

After that, I ended up standing on a wooden floor with some people who I recognized as people I usually see when I’m attending karate classes—still in my dress, except there were pants underneath. My instructor was teaching a class in a similar dress. I got the sense again that this was the life I’d chosen and that I would be doing this more often in the future—then I started to realize that there was no going back, which there were mixed feelings about.

I’ve had a dream about reincarnation maybe once before, where I was sort of going about my business with the knowledge that, in about a day, I’d forget who I was and start a new life—but I wasn’t happy about forgetting my entire life and everyone I’d ever cared about. I was just sort of waiting for it to happen and dreading it.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this dream, but I’m carrying on with my day as normal. I think it’s going to be one of those that sort of gets stuck in my thoughts for a while, though.

That’s everything for today,



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