Dream Map

Since I was a lot younger, I’ve been working on a sort of “dream map”, featuring dreamscapes I still remember from various dreams.

Over time, I’ve amassed a collection of dreamscapes that I’ve been mentally arranging into blocks with the intention of creating one large dreamscape map. Each block is arranged so that they all fit together somewhat logically. As an example: taking a dreamscape with a highway and positioning it by a dreamscape where I remember being able to see an exit off-ramp beside that block.

It’s sort of a game I like to play, and I’d also like to start rendering those blocks somehow, perhaps in the form of a walkable 3D game map. Two engines I’ve considered using to do this are Cryengine and Unity; Cryengine would probably suffice for creating convincing foliage and lighting conditions, but I already know how to get my own resources into Unity. I feel like I’d have to make more models and textures if I did, though, but the upside to that is I really enjoy designing level props and decor.

That’s all for today, but I may be making more dream map posts in the future.



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