Vending Machines and Found Objects

I’m used to having dreams where I’m going through the aisles of a store and selecting things I want to buy, but when I start thinking about paying I’m worried about having enough. Very seldom does the dream actually take me to the register to see some resolution like this one did.

What was funny was that it took place in a large cafeteria-like hall—think of the one in Hogwarts if you’re a Harry Potter fan. It had a starry night sky ceiling but a wall of windows on one side. Also, it was full to the brim with open pizza boxes and vending machines off to one side (capsule machines being the most dominant).

The pizza boxes held examples of numerous colourful looking pizzas, all set out to sample, most of which I probably wasn’t even going to try as many of them looked like they were made of cotton candy or other ridiculous things, but a few of them looked really good! Even the ones with pink, blue, or purple cheese!

It was like an art show of all the different food experiments someone could pass as pizza (and I’ll watch a show about it if anyone ever makes that dream a reality). Also, I somehow found and tasted purple curly fries, and I wish they existed in real life!

There were also fireworks going on in and outside the glass building—sort of like at the Sky dome in Toronto. I remember in the dream suddenly thinking it was an elaborate Canada day celebration.

I got a bit annoyed because after a while people were cleaning up and if you wanted to take home leftovers, you had to pay for them—which was stupid since they were supposed to be samples! I reached into my wallet and remembered my Dad had borrowed my bank card but forgot to give it back. I flagged him down and he wrote on a slip of paper and that somehow took care of everything?

Before I left, I wanted to get something from a vending machine but again, no cash. I found a couple of prizes unclaimed in the slot, though, including some kind of “hit clips” like cartridge meant for K-Pop karaoke. I have a few friends who would adore such a thing if it were real! There was also an action figure of a character from a Portal short film (which normally would never end up as merchandise) and Wheatley as a stress ball—of all things!

You know, cheaply made trinkets most kids settle for, but in this case they depicted recognizable characters I like in waking life. If there were ever a series of Portal capsule toys, I’d buy enough of them to complete the entire collection twice!

Then, I went around the wall to where some stairs were and found all sorts of discarded prizes that had either fallen out’ve machines or been dropped by kids, and got to pick a bunch of them up. They ranged from keychains to stuffed animals and a lot of different rainbow bouncy balls.

A few other things happened over the course of the dream—like suddenly ending up with more cats than I actually own—but this was the part I found most noteworthy. I might even try experimenting with pizza food colouring as I have some ready-made dough!



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