Friday the 13th

There’s an old superstition that when the 13th of the month falls upon a Friday, bad luck will ensue. There’s even a horror franchise of the same name—Friday the 13th—which has spawned films, parodies, games, and merchandise.

Is Friday the 13th truly unlucky? Who could say? Some people don’t believe in luck. They don’t believe in fate or divine intervention of any sort. Others believe in it so strongly that they’ll invest in all kinds of good luck charms and partake in lucky rituals in hopes of preventing misfortune on Friday the 13th and day’s to come!

I think the most stereotypical “omen” I’ve ever experienced other than that was seeing a black cat pause in front of me. I felt the urge to go up and try to pet it before I remembered that a black cat crossing your path was supposed to be unlucky. When I look back, I don’t even think he crossed my path so much as walked adjacent to it.

This was actually the day after Friday the 13th, as I was out walking to the subway station with a friend. That was the first time I’ve even come close to experiencing the whole black cat situation for myself, and it hasn’t happened since. I’m actually a big fan of black cats since Kiki’s Delivery Service and their association with witches!

What I did do once was walk under a ladder. You never realize just how easy it is until you’re doing yard work with a ladder in the middle of your front lawn. Of course, according to my father, you can reverse that “bad luck” by walking backwards under the same ladder. I’d never heard of that until just then, and it seemed foolish because the only reason walking under a ladder would be a problem is if the ladder tipped or collapsed somehow. Then it would just be common sense not to walk under one.

That’s all for now, until next time!



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