Reincarnation/Wedding Dream?

Last night’s dream was extremely weird in that it dealt with reincarnation, a theme I don’t experience very often. There was more going on before but for the part I remember, I found myself entering some kind of hotel with a group of people and was given verbal instructions to go and have whatever meal … Continue reading Reincarnation/Wedding Dream?


“We’ve retired the ‘Like’ button!”

Okay, I haven’t used Pinterest in a while—but is anybody else confused by this decision? You’d be hard pressed to find a social media platform that doesn’t have at least one button that, when clicked upon, visibly increases an overall total by one. The concept of quickly and easily endorsing content is one that internet … Continue reading “We’ve retired the ‘Like’ button!”

Vending Machines and Found Objects

I’m used to having dreams where I’m going through the aisles of a store and selecting things I want to buy, but when I start thinking about paying I’m worried about having enough. Very seldom does the dream actually take me to the register to see some resolution like this one did. What was funny … Continue reading Vending Machines and Found Objects