School Dream

School themes are probably the second most common dream for me these days—behind flooding and worrying if I have enough money to pay for my purchases at the register. Lately I’ve seen a pattern of being in an elementary school environment while my college professors are handing out worksheets and assignments. Sometimes the work is hard, other times there’s just a lot of it.

Last night featured a group project, in which a pair of boys I didn’t recognize were assigned to work with me. They were horribly disorganized and only showed up consistently, reminding me that I still had to put up with them until the project was done. Then they both flopped on my bed—in the same bedroom I would have had back in elementary school—and started chattering to one another. Dirty jokes were made between them. I’m truly surprised my father didn’t intervene.

Eventually, the boys did leave, but not before our group got another, female member—she was the only Asian in our group. She pulled me aside and suddenly we were in a larger place filled with people—all of them were Asian as well. A bunch of them formed a circle and started singing. I didn’t know the song, because it wasn’t in English, and ducked out of sight the moment I suspected there were cameras around. Whatever the performance was supposed to be about, the other girl took part, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there.

I met up with my mother, who shimmied between a camera and a table with two or three people who looked like they could have been judges watching the earlier singing performance, then looked back at me like she wanted me to follow. I hesitated because I didn’t want to knock the camera or disturb the judges by crawling under the table.

Instead, I wandered over to look for another exit and found myself in a store—and now we’re back to the typical theme of me wanting to buy things. A large dog showed up —some kind of poodle?—and started trying to get into the bags I had with me. I’d push him away but he persisted. There was another, smaller dog that stayed near but didn’t growl like the poodle, but the poodle started standing close behind me—not attacking, but letting me know he was upset about something. The dream ended when I left the store.

I’m interested to look into dream meanings for this one, as I suspect the poodle is a stand-in for someone.

Until next time,



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