Flood Dream

I made a post before about a fireball dream, and this time there was a flood (in my dream, although I have lived in a house where basement flooding occured).

I’ve had dreams about tornadoes and storms before, usually that I’m preparing for them by shutting windows or packing what I believe I’ll need before I leave. Packing also seems to be a common theme in my dreams as of late. It’s probably a manifestation of wishful thinking (I would like to be able to move into a bigger place). I don’t think it necesarily means I will travel, because I don’t have much desire to do so right now. Some people think that travel enriches you somehow and you should do as much of it as possible. That may be true, but I’m not holding my breath either.

Anyways, this dream was similar to those storm dreams in that I was beside a small bay as the water was just starting to get choppy (and most of my storm dreams take place either before or just as the storm is beginning), and then some neighbours were setting out sandbags. There wasn’t rain or anything, it was night time and it was really calm with high visibility. Only the water itself was active.

If it’s supposed to be a reflecion of my mental state, I suppose I’d believe it, especially since I like to be as prepared as possible in waking life, and that dreams like this would take place at a time when I would be preparing makes sense.


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