I was surprised to get a notification saying that I’ve already written 50 posts on this blog! It really doesn’t feel like I’ve made that many, and I have to say, thanks to everyone who has shown an interest! Your support means so much!

I enjoyed writing assignments in elementary school, particularly anything where I got to create a narrative. My stories weren’t always coherent (unfortunately, we all have to go through that phase), but my spelling and grammar earned the praise of my teachers at the time. This was years before I was formally introduced to the concept of graphic design and Photoshop for digital art. Had it not been for that, I suppose I might have majored in English and tried to become a writer.

My elementary school started at senior kindergarten and went up to grade 8, so there was no “middle school” experience for me. I noticed that from approximately grade 6 onward, the number of narrative assignments I was getting went down. It was also pointed out that while I had been writing at a grade 7 level in grade 4, the opposite was true when I actually got to grade 7.

By high school (grade 9 onward) any writing assignments I got were essays, or designed to teach me how to write for business—correspondence, resumes, etc. I know that the goal was to prepare me for a job because that’s what many high school graduates end up doing, sometimes while they’re working on their post-secondary education (or to help pay for it). Some have part time jobs while they’re still in high school!

By college, I expected there to be more essays (spoiler alert: I was right!) but I also had the chance to take creative writing as an elective. I was pretty sure I had writer’s block and wanted at least to be able to finish one of the many FanFictions I’d started working on and abandoned, so I signed up for the class. Spoiler alert: I failed!

Right now I’m working on a fanfiction-related project that I intend to turn into a comic, and later, an animation. I plan to take what I learn from that and apply it to my Firebird series as well. It’s taken some doing to restore some of the confidence I lost due to writer’s block (there’s an entire debate over whether it actually exists), but I hope to eventually create something I can be proud of!

Until next time,



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