I have plenty of recurring dreams. I think I’ll start putting the more interesting ones (dreams in general, not necessarily recurring) on this blog—like the parkour obstacle course! It was a giant, multicoloured structure you’d associate with a playground, only designed for parkour. At first, everyone was participating for fun, and then it suddenly got serious!
The implication was that whoever slipped up on the course or fell behind died. I passed a handful of people that I recognize in waking life, including Stephen Merchant for some reason. I rarely dream about celebrities at all, mostly just people I know or people I know in my dream, but who don’t actually exist in waking life. Funny how dreams can just plop an entire person there and it’s like they’ve been there your entire life.

When I was little, I was always being chased or hiding from someone or something. At one point I was being chased by a truck. As I ran up the path to my porch I heard it accelerating until I woke up when it would have hit me.

When I was in highschool and college (even after graduation), I was constantly dreaming about being back at the primary or secondary level. I was aware that I’d graduated in real life but felt confused as to why I was there. I was done, right? Why was I getting so many assignments?

Last night, I had a dream where I was late for my graduation ceremony. I hesitated just outside the door and started to cry, thinking everything was ruined for me. Suddenly, a classmate ran out and started to sob on the steps beside me. She confessed that she had been naked, and I confessed that I wasn’t wearing underwear. Then, I decided to enter and take a seat near the back as if nothing was wrong. I remember distinctly thinking “next time.

Some dreams have given me ideas, like the one that initially inspired my Firebird series so long ago. I was watching a movie trailer for it and it looked vaguely like a Miyazaki film. I didn’t decide to actually try to make it until high school.

Others have predicted future events, like how I had a dream about there being a new cardcptor Sakura series where a boy was the protagonist. The next day my friend told me about Tsubasa Chronicles. Syaoran is the protagonist of the story rather than Sakura. Another time I saw an entire musical number in what looked like a new Land Before Time sequel. The theme of it carried over into the film, but the song didn’t. I’m glad for that, it was as obnoxious as you’d expect it to be in a dream.

One dream specifically showed off the concept of—and I quote—”purple, flying, fire-breathing magic ponies”. Let me just show you what happened after that:

These all show up in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fire one may be slightly off, unless you count that scene with Pinkie Pie guzzling liquid rainbow. Apparently it’s spicy. I just think that’s hilarious!

Of course, my favourite recurring dreams—though ultimately bittersweet—involve discovering a continuation of Pretear. Quite possibly my favourite manga series to date. Only four volumes were published, though in my dreams I’m sometimes finding volume 7-10 by accident and thinking I’m somewhere in the middle. These are very likely a manifestation of wishful thinking.

On the less cool side, I’ve had dreams about fire and woke up to my toaster oven being accidentally left on (more than once, though it’s often due to human error, my solution is insisting it stay unplugged when not in use). One time I dreamed that someone got hurt and woke up to a fight happening outside the door of my apartment. The next morning there was a puddle of blood that they still haven’t been able to completely remove from the carpet. A friend said to me “Hon, for once I’m glad you’re a hermit!” when I told her.

Some dreams are strange and oddly beautiful, like the misty forest, the boardwalk as a storm was rolling in and the waves were getting all choppy, the islands with pine trees, old country highways at various times of day, the city highway under the stars, that one waterfall, the underwater village where I could somehow still breathe, and especially the red sky. It wasn’t sunset, it was just red as if it had always been that way. A photoshop mockup wouldn’t quite capture it faithfully.

I could carry on for days about the things that happen in my dreams (I mean really, what WAS Stephen Merchant doing on a parkour course of death?) but I’ll save some for later.

Until next time,



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