Creative Regimen

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.20.27 PM.png
Screenshot from Rakshasa Street

Have you ever watched a show and thought “Hey, this feels like they’re talking to me?”

Well, I kind of feel that way right now. Whoever created and produced this show put something together that reached out to me on a deep, personal level. I haven’t really felt that way that since Yuri on Ice asked the question “What kind of love sustains you?

I’m watching the part where Xia Ling is fed up with training and Cao Yan Bing is scolding her for always taking shortcuts and never believing in her own power—and I’m feeling a bit of a sting. If I examine my own situation, I’m looking to succeed as well, but I feel discouraged if it doesn’t feel like I’m going places as fast as I could be (or ought to be). Cao Xian Liang more gently implies that people who appear to be prodigies or geniuses seem to be better performers because they have invested the time and energy.

I don’t think this is universally the case (I may have picked up on drawing faster than some of my classmates and colleagues, but I’m still unable to comprehend things like algebra and BEDMAS no matter how much help I get), but I can also see where it would apply to my situation—at least where it comes to something like art. If I don’t seem to be making a big enough impression at the time, I start to feel like I’m flailing. Have I missed my chance to shine? Was I prepared enough in the moment? It doesn’t always occur to me that I’m not limited to a single try to succeed. However, that last push has to come from within myself. I shouldn’t seek permission or validation and use that as an excuse to act or not act in the moment—if that makes any sense.

From today, I’m going to try to commit to a creative regimen that will improve my skill in the areas necessary to achieve my long-term goals.


I’m going to try to write a poem every day.

Yeah, I know, that’s not what Yoda said. There will be days I forget. I’ve already missed a Monday rant or two (not that that’s a bad thing?). All I have to do is keep trying to remember until I reach a point where I am writing a poem a day.

Character Design

I’m going to try to draw my Firebird characters (and maybe a couple of others) every day.

I need them to be consistent every time I draw them, and I need to finalize the appearances of certain ones and from different angles. The goal is to eventually be able to do it so I can make 3D models of any of them, or at least to have a style guide I can refer to when I’m drawing for comics and game art.

That’s about it for now.

Until next time,



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