Re: #Affirmationsforartists

I made a post a few days ago regarding the fact that the “Affirmations for Artists” hashtag had only been used twice before me. I haven’t made as many tweets as I’d intended in that time (I’m still new to affirmations as a concept but they seem to be helping me) but there has been a definite shift.

I’m not sure how top tweets are selected but looking at these search results feels like watching a stream of uplifting and reassuring thoughts get interrupted by a single negative thought. That’s been happening to me in real life. My life situation may be changing soon, but I still have my anxieties because it’s something new and it isn’t certain.

I want to keep going, but I really hope other people chime in and start sending out their own affirmations. Maybe it will help someone, maybe it won’t. I just want to reach out and do what I can.



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