Redbubble & Deviantart

I heard about redbubble from a friend, and while I was looking through the stickers and postcards I got to thinking—I’m a designer. What’s to stop me from making my own?

I’m still setting up my account, so expect some news about that in the near future. I’m probably—no, definitely—going to make lots of cutesy stickers, but I’m open to t-shirt designs (probably catchphrases to start). I’ll be watching the comments for interesting suggestions, so feel free to drop by and describe something you’d like to see made.

I’m also thinking of putting some prints up on DeviantArt, but again, that will take time to set up. You’ll probably see Redbubble happen first, but I’ll make a post to let you know!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Redbubble & Deviantart

  1. Hey Niki! Did you end up starting a store? How is it going so far? Redbubble is awesome for stickers and shirts for graphic designers just starting of selling products. Hey, if you need any ideas, I wrote a blog post on some cute little stickers for MacBooks and iPhones which may interest a lot of people. Obviously you wouldn’t use the same design, but it’s some awesome inspiration for a sticker. Here’s the post if you’re interested 🙂


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