Loose change

Since pennies are all but a thing of the past, my household has started saving dimes and nickels.

Quarters and loonies are needed for the laundry machine downstairs, so those don’t go in. Neither do toonies, because those are too big of a denomination. Dimes and nickels are small enough that unless you’re in a situation where you need exact change, they don’t get used as often, resulting in a jingling wallet full of maybe a couple of dollars worth. Not fun to count in the grocery line, and a little inconsiderate to other shoppers who may be waiting.

If you’re looking to save up, you might be surprised at how fast small change piles up. Cut a slit in the lid of an empty coffee tin and drop something in whenever you have it, then check back in a couple of months. When the tin starts to get heavy, get yourselves some coin rolls.

Until next time,



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