Monday Rants: Body Positivity

One thing I don’t understand is how the body positivity movement is so often criticized as promoting unhealthiness.

The whole point is you shouldn’t have to hate yourself or your body, and we should never send the message that it’s only okay to love yourself IF you make a reasonable effort to be healthy.

It’s especially hurtful when a person who claims to have your best interest in mind—but does not know you and has no interest in ever speaking to you again outside of that conversation—criticizes you as a person because they feel you’re not doing enough (based on how they perceive you at that time). It’s a drive-by comment and not as productive as we’re lead to believe. If you truly love and care for someone, you should invest in them. Don’t say things like “I’m selfish and want to keep you around longer” if you’re not even going to show up.
When we hear somebody say that they like themselves for who they are, and they accept their body for what it is, why do we assume they aren’t making an effort to better themselves? “There’s always room to improve” is a true statement, but should never be a knee-jerk response to self-love and acceptance.

This is an issue that’s important to me, and I hope I’ve made some sense to somebody.

Until next time,



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