Monday rants: Twitter

To get myself in the habit of writing and sticking to a routine, I’m going to try something: every Monday I’m going to rant about something. To get started, today’s rant will be about Twitter.

I had a Twitter before, and got rid of it. Why? Because aside from auto-tweeting posts from my portfolio/blog, I don’t think I used it very much. A couple of times I got into small arguments (which was a dumb move in my part, and in hindsight a handful of those people weren’t wrong) and it felt like there was no point.

Fast-forward to now, and I’ve signed up for another one. Why? Because after using Instagram for a short period (a couple of months?) I’ve actually been engaging with people and making more positive connections. Then I started thinking: is this what I was supposed to be doing on Twitter the whole time?

Cue awkward moment of realization, it probably was.

So, once again, I’m going to conduct a social experiment and unleash myself upon the unsuspecting internet. Hopefully now that I’ve had time to reflect upon my past actions and overall lack of filter, this experience will be a better one.

Until next time



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