Snow and Rats

There has been lots of it lately!

The snowbanks are really piled high in the parking lot outside my apartment, but since they’ve been there for a while they’re also getting sort of dirty and slushy. Same thing goes for the walking trail—some days when the temperature goes up it partially melts away, but then as soon as it snows it’s back.

Also, I found out that my aunt has a rat problem. She’s been finding the food they’re storing—like a box of dog treats that they emptied out and stacked up under a table in her basement, and handfuls of dog kibble in her skates (that she only found as she went to get them sharpened)—and has been trying to bait them with chocolate and peanut butter (since they’re smart and nothing else has worked). I can’t believe she’s giving them Pot of Gold though! Whatever works, works, but that stuff is expensive!

I’m not sure how I feel about how it’s being handled, but that could be its own story. That’s all for today.



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