I’ve gone back to walking on a regular basis again, and coupled with my return to Karate thee times a week I’ve started to see some weight loss happening. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t go out of my way for such goals (my height is an advantage in that weight distribution is less of an issue compared to others), but an achievement is an achievement, I guess. Some of my friends are health nuts so I know they’re going to shower praise.

Since there has been snow on the ground for the past few days (packing snow even) I’m going to have to look at getting myself a new pair of winter boots this year. I didn’t last year because honestly I don’t even think we had snow until into January; There were squirrels out on Christmas Day still looking for nuts.

Another thing I’ll have to do soon is to slip my FiiO MP3 player into the protective silicon case/skin it came with. It’s more troublesome to take the MicroSD card out and put it in a reader than it is to just plug in the whole unit via USB so the case won’t be much of an obstruction in that regard. Also it stops the card from falling out or getting wet. Always better to be safe!



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