Tea, Pens, and Showers

I found out today that there is such a thing as a tea advent calendar.

Replacing chocolate in advent calendars is nothing new (because parents today are more health-conscious than my parents ever were), but using teabags is something new for me. It’s basically Russian roulette because you have no idea what flavour you’re getting and there’s a chance you won’t enjoy the one you pull out that day. 

I was watching the new YouTube channel I just subscribed to called “Pens and Tea”. That’s how I found out about the advent calendar. I’m a little surprised at myself to have watched the whole thing (nearly 30 minutes worth of the host answering questions from commenters) but I had it on while sketching and it was good background noise. 

The host also recommended a specialty pen store in Toronto called “Wonderpens” during a previous video that carries beautiful glass pens! Until I watched that video I’d never heard of a glass pen but since Wonderpens has one available (or they did when I looked on their site) that looks like cobalt-blue (I collect jars, vases, bowls, and bottles because I’m mystified by the colour) I’d love to venture downtown and buy one! There’s also a 3D printing place about a block away and around the corner that interests me.

Lastly, I did something uncommon and took a shower. I know what you’re thinking, “gross”, but I normally prefer baths. Soaking is relaxing and gives me time to think. Then again, I felt cleaner when I showered and used a different conditioner (which kind of smells nice) so that put me in a really good mood and boosted my confidence a little. If I like my own smell, maybe someone else would as well? Ah! Can’t believe I made that rhyme! Oh well, I guess I’ll just leave it in – like that lovely smelling conditioner.

Until next time!




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