Re: Lost Items & iPhone Boomboxing


Good news, I found my MP3 player!

Until my iPod classic died in the summer, I had been using that every day when I went out walking. I managed that every day for about a year, though because I wasn’t wearing appropriate footwear (flip flops, albeit with better arch support than most) I had to take a short break due to plantar fasciitis. It wasn’t as painful as people have made it sound, though it did cause my heel to swell a little after prolonged walking on hard floors.

To avoid that happening again, I should be using a show with a low heel—vs the comfortable sandals I usually love. Oh well, the treads are gone on my favourite pair anyway, so it’s probably time to get rid of them for the season. C’est la vie!

Honestly though, I would recommend getting in the habit of going on daily walks (weather permitting) to anyone who feels claustrophobic or even just restless in their own apartment. Bring a pair of headphones if you must, but I was out one day and discovered not one, but TWO people blasting music from their phones! One of them was enjoying a particularly uplifting German song as he was getting onto the elevator with me. It would be interesting to see if I can run into him again. I’d be interested in getting more music recommendations.



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