Lost Items

Doesn’t everybody have that one friend who is forever misplacing their stuff? Yeah, I’m that person.

I guess I’ve been pretty lucky in that most of my stuff did turn up eventually—sometimes six months after I needed it. Not the end of the world when it’s something like a pencil case, but your phone, keys, and wallet are all likely to cause problems in the immediate future. So is your USB with work or school documents on it that you’re going to need that day.

Of the things that I never found were a USB I accidentally left plugged in at school (and yes, I did try the lost and found), a stuffed animal that was more than likely left behind when I moved into this apartment, and a Sailor Moon ring from my best friend that fell off at recess. Again, none of those things were the end of the world, but it really sucks when you lose something with sentimental value—or a drive that contains all of your working files for that semester.

Lately, things keep sliding under my bed or end table and it drives me crazy because I want to listen to music or charge my phone, and those things aren’t where I expected them to be. Yeah, I know, “re-trace your steps”. That’s actually how I stepped on a pair of headphones I was looking for and broke them. Also, sometimes people will pick up and move the thing you just sat down, or accidentally mistake your Science binder for theirs and return it days after the test—thanks for that, locker buddy!

Anyway, losing things sucks. I’m actually surprised I haven’t lost my glasses yet.


Now, where did I leave that MP3 player…



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